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This campaign has ended.

Giant otters are increasingly disappearing in the wild. The LA Zoo's captive breeding program has helped to insure their future on this earth.

Dear Zoo Supporters,

Zoos today are on the front lines of conservation.  While our Zoo may be thousands of miles away from the African savannahs, or the South America rainforests, or the jungles of Asia, its effect on wildlife conservation is great.  In the story told in this video, you will hear first-hand about how your Zoo has worked to save the giant otter from extinction.  By having courage, innovation and determination, the Animal Care staff at the LA Zoo were able to successfully hand-rear giant otter pups, rejected by their mother, and see those pups thrive. Enjoy the presentation and give as generously as you can. Remember all gifts received before December 31st are tax-deductible for this calendar year!

When you support the LA Zoo, you become part of our team to save animals from extinction!

Please join us in our ongoing mission to save not only the giant otter, but all endangered species by making a gift by December 31st!!  Help us continue our work here at the Zoo nurturing Mia and her family, as well as preserving their wild born siblings in the Peruvian Amazon region.

Every dollar will make a difference!



Connie Morgan

President, Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association